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Mari Suggs is the bestselling author of #Believe Dammit 10 Principles For Attracting and Creating the Life You Crave. She's also the creator of the Super Manifesting Journal, a journal dedicated to helping others manifest their goals. As a writer, she spends a large portion of her career on YouTube, assisting other writers in achieving their publishing dream. As such, she designed The Book Companion Journal to help writers hone their strengths, track their progress and record the memories that come with writing each book. Mari's entire platform is dedicated to encouraging others to pursue their creative endeavors.


Mari also writes “it's complicated” romance stories. She loves creating characters that deal with real-life problems, all wrapped in cozy romance. If you’re a lover of emotional and inspirational reads, her books are it.


She graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in English, with an emphasis on Creative Writing. She started writing after reading the Twilight Saga, and she tried her hand at fantasy. But her main interest was in romance, with settings in Florida, so her novels always include sunny skies and romance you can't get enough of.


A few years later, she discovered the book The Secret, and her life was forever changed. She began blogging about her discoveries with the hope of spreading the message of the law of attraction. She applied what she learned and became a super manifester, materializing everything she envisioned. Her future was never clearer. She would dedicate her life to teaching and helping others learn the power they hold within.


Mari love's to keep in close touch with her readers and other writers through Instagram and YouTube, where she makes videos on the law of attraction, spirituality, and personal development.


If you want daily inspiration as you navigate this life, you can join her here.


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