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Hi. I’m Mari. Writing a bio is always a little weird, if only because it seems completely self-absorbed. But luckily, for this website I’m supposed to be more personable, so that you get to know me a little more. So here’s a little more about me.


I began my writing career in 2009 and at first, I was completely surprised that I had gotten hit by the writing bug. In the early days it appeared as though it had come out of nowhere. Like poof, I woke up one day and I was a writer. But upon further review of my life, I noticed how writing had always been something I wanted to do. I could recall moments when something would happen and my first response would be, I should write a book about that.  So, I decided to go back to school and get a Bachelor's degree in English, specializing in creative writing.


When I’m not reading or writing novels, I’m blogging about living with a positive mindset. I am always seeking for ways to inspire others to follow their dreams.


Hmm, what else about me… oh, I try to eat healthy as much as possible (hate fruit, but love green juices that contain fruit—weird right?). I practice yoga and I meditate daily.


On my downtime you can find me on my couch, next to my husband watching the best T.V. has to offer on superheroes or supernatural shows.

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thank you so much for sharing - love your blog

Lisa NicholsLisa Nichols@2motivate  

Yes! Excited for you and proud of you!! xoxo


OprahWinfrey NetworkOprahWinfrey Network@OWNTV  

we're right here with you, Mari! Happy