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Get ready to manifest the best year of your life.

Super Manifesting Journal is designed to simplify your manifesting practice. With this journal, you’ll get clear on what you want, why you want it, and by when you will reach your goals by creating an actionable plan.

The journal is intended to be used in a one-year span, and it’s split into three-month increments so that at each quarter, you can reassess your goals. Then, the journal breaks down even more by providing you with spaces to add your monthly, weekly, and daily tasks.

With the Super Manifesting Journal, you will reach your goals with ease and fun. Manifesting has never been easier.


HOW TO MANIFEST: This is a short introduction into manifesting.

HOW TO MEDITATE: Provides a simple technique to meditating that will energize your manifesting practice.

HOW TO VISUALIZE: Useful tips to enhance your manifesting power.

WHAT ARE CHAKRAS:  A helpful tool for tuning in and aligning to your higher self.

EIGHT MOON PHASES: A bonus to help you understand your moods and when it’s best to manifest.

ZODIAC CONSTELLATION: Learn where you lie in the skies and use it to magnify your manifesting energy.

7 AREAS OF LIFE: Get clear on the seven areas of life and work toward balance.

3 MONTH GOALS AT A GLANCE: Having your goals at a glance will make it easy to focus without derailment.

3 MONTH PLAN: This is your moment to shine and plan to succeed.

MONTHLY TASKS:  It’s the moment of truth; what steps will you take to get you to the finish line.

WEEKLY TASKS: Get ready to start moving the needle forward.

DAILY TASKS: It’s go time. Every small step is one step closer to your goal.