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Personal Development Tools and Techniques

In my personal growth journey, I’m always looking out for resources to help me reach that next level in my walk. Oftentimes, this includes other teachers that will teach me something new, enlighten me or offer some form of peace of mind.

Today I’m going to share with you two tools and techniques often used in personal-development to elevate a state of consciousness and awareness.

Let’s talk Crystals!

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Much like meditation, crystals have been around for thousands of years because of its proven ability to release mental, physical and spiritual blockages. They come in a variety of properties—each with specific vibrational energies. Crystals have been known to heal anxiety and stress, to boost energy, to gain financial abundance and to help clear creative blocks.

One of the coolest things I learned about crystals is that you don’t have to stress out about picking the “right” one for you, because, the experts say that the crystals choose you—Harry Potter, anyone? How cool is that?

If you would like to learn more about crystals then check out this wonderful resource. It’s a beginners guide to Crystals

The 7 Chakras of the world!

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In line with crystals, you can also get chakra stones. But before we get into that, let’s talk about what chakras are. Chakra literally translates to wheel. There are 7 chakras which align the spine, starting with the base of the spine through the crown of the head. Imagine there’s a swirling wheel of energy where matter aligns with God. Through meditation, you can activate each chakra, each with a focus on a particular area resulting in huge breakthroughs in your life.

  • First Chakra:  Root Chakra; means support; Color: Red

  • Second Chakra: Sacral Chakra; translates to “the place of self” which means your identity as human and what you do with it; Color: Orange·

  • Third Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra translates to “lustrous gem” and is where your self-confidence is; Color; Yellow

  • Fourth Chakra: Heart Chakra, translates to “unhurt” and is where your love and compassion are empowered, Color: Green

  • Fifth Chakra: Throat Chakra translates to “very pure” and is where your personal truth lies; Color, Blue

  • Sixth Chakra: Third Eye Chakra, translates to “beyond wisdom” and it opens your mind up beyond the five senses, Color, Indigo

  • Seventh Chakra: Crown Chakra, translates to “thousand-petaled”, this is pure consciousness energy; Color, violet

To learn from an expert on how to clear your chakras I recommend The Deepak Chopra Center

As stated above, you can also buy chakra stones. Each stone is typically associated with or more chakra, each unique to the specific center you’re focusing on. Here’s a list I found for you to reference.

  • Roor chakra stones: Bloodstone, Tiger’s Eye, Hematite, Fire Agate, Black Tourmaline

  • Sacral chakra stones: Citrine, Carnelian, Moonstone, Coral

  • Solar Plexus chakra stones: Malachite, Calcite, Citrine, Topaz

  • Heart chakra stones: Rose Quartz, Jade, Green Calcite, Green Tourmaline

  • Throat chakra stones: Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Aquamarine

  • Third eye chakra stones: Black Obsidian

  • Crown chakra stones: Selenite, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Diamond

So, these are my tools and techniques for this week. I’ll see you next week with new resources to help you on your personal growth path.

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