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Feeling Stuck: 3 Tips to Get You Unstuck

Have you ever cooked something using certain ingredients only to hate the outcome? But then, you try it again—same method, same ingredients only to end up with the same result as before, you hate it! Let me ask you this, how many more times will you do this, in the same way, until you finally realize, hmm I don’t like this as is, I need to change something!

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As I see it, navigating through life is much like this. Let us say you are trying to be successful, to reach certain heights in your career, yet you’ve made little progress. Could the reason be that for years you’ve been using the same ingredients? Friends let me, through Tony Robbins, be a beacon of light if only for this moment, “if you do the same thing you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

If you are struggling to get to that next level and you can’t seem to break free from the shackles of disappointment then it’s time to take a different approach. This approach doesn’t have to be something difficult, or costly. It just needs to be different. Remember, work smarter not harder. I know people that work 16 hours a day and they still feel like they aren’t moving.

In order for you to get moving, to stop chasing your tail, here are three simple action steps this week:

  1. Change at least one thing you do in your business dealings. If you send out 100 emails a day trying to drum up business, then maybe pick up the phone and call 50 new potential clients (just an example, this may not be ideal for your type of business). This, is doing something different (different ingredient will get you a different result).

  2. Make a daily to do list and make sure that at least one item is something new, something you’ve never tried before.

  3. Have a cut off time. Working long hours, without some down time, will only burn you out. Walking away from your business for a certain period of time will allow creative ideas to flow providing the much needed change you seek.

My goal in life is to have every single person wake up each morning excited for the day ahead. To live a happy, purpose driven life. This is why I created this blog in the first place. I wanted the same thing for myself. For the last five years I’ve learned methods and strategies that has helped move me in the direction of my dreams, and each day I get closer to living my perfect day. A day filled with sharing posts like this, earning a satisfying living from my writing and changing lives.

I hope you do try these tips and that you find much success in them.

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