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How to Let Inspired Thought Live

Are you struggling with finding the motivation you need to fulfill your dreams? If so, I have three simple tips that will help rocket-launch you toward success.

So this is what usually happens to me: I have a thought—better yet—an inspired thought or idea that makes me feel amazing, then, immediately after, another thought enters, one cloaked in fear, then another and another, until the inspired idea is killed. Then, instead of following through with my inspired idea, I allow the thoughts that followed to convince me of why I shouldn’t pursue my inspired thought. This game of inspired thought vs. self-doubt and negativity goes on in my head all day long, and I fear, I’m not alone.

What’s worst of all is that we are so used to living with this habit of “thought attacking thought” that we think it’s normal. We allow the excuses to enter—excuses that make us feel bad about ourselves—excuses that keep us stuck and prevent us from living the life we came to live. We have convinced ourselves that somehow the thoughts that follow are there to protect us in some way. However, if we are not careful, we can live our entire lives protecting ourselves from our heart, the one thing that has our best interest.

So, if you’re like me and you’ve had enough and you’re tired of living with this habit that plays on loop, then apply these three simple tips and see how your true life begins to unfold.  

Let Thought Live

The first thing that you must do is to listen to your heart—after all this is where your inspired thought comes from. Let it come out of you with giddy excitement and don’t turn it away.


Then, don’t overthink it, immediately after you’ve had the inspired thought or idea, take action. By taking action you’re shocking your mind and disrupting the pattern of thought. By taking action, even when you don’t “feel” like it, you are creating change in your life.


It is imperative that you repeat the above two tips. Listen, take action, repeat. For example, inspired thought enters like this: I want to live in Europe of 1 year of my life.  This time, instead of allowing all the “what ifs” to take you hostage, take action: Research, figure out exactly what it will take for you to do this, and allow all possibilities to live and do not allow the lingering thoughts to overtake your desire. Those thoughts that followed are grounded in fear and lack, a place where you no longer live.

If you do this each and every time, your life will start to look very differently, guaranteed!

Till Next Time!

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