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I'm On Patreon

Hi guys, 

I wanted to let you know about my latest endeavor.: I've joined Patreon. In case you don't know what Patreon is, Patreon is a membership website where creators share a unique experience to patrons for a fee. With this platform, I'm offering tips on how to create the right mindset for a thriving writing and publishing career. Most of the things I'm offering will be unique to this space and won't be offered anywhere else. 

The beauty of this platform is the value patrons get when compared to the monetary amount. For example, I'm offering four different tiers ranging from a pledge of $2 to $25 with each Tier offering unique perks.

If you're a writer that intends on having a healthy writing career as an author, then, it's imperative that you develop a mindset of success and positivity. That's what my platform will help you achieve. If you're ready to develop healthy habits that will help you finish manuscript after manuscript and give you the courage to either self-publish or query agents, then join me on Patreon today.

Here's a short introduction video.

I can't wait to see you there. 

Visit my Patreon Page

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