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Motivational Books to Read In October 2017

October 17, 2017

Hi guys,

I had so much going on in September that I forgot to post my book recommendations, but because I read some pretty great books I wanted to share them with you today.

First up is Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. This amazing book was my favorite this month. Dr. Dispenza takes the reader on a journey on how the brain really works. This helps the reader understand what they’re up against so that they have a real shot at transforming. He explains the difference between our conscious and subconscious mind, and the role of each. Understanding how these two work is essential for anyone seeking to transform their life. What he teaches is not just about breaking habits like smoking, alcohol or drugs, but it's also about breaking the routine of our life, so to create a new one. For example, if you’re trying to lose weight, perhaps you say things like this, “I try so hard but I always fall off the wagon.” Well, if you want to know why you fall and how it’s not your fault, but rather, that you’re fighting against a powerful “95%” then pick up this book.

Ah... next up is Rebecca Campbell’s Light is The New Black, you guys, what can I say about this book that will relate what it did for my soul? It was truly life changing, therefore, I recommend this book to anyone looking to reconnect with their soul. I experienced another—much needed—awakening while reading this Light is the New Black. Campbell offers a kind and gentle reminder that our light needs to shine not just for others, but for ourselves. She reminds us that to shine our light we don’t need a stage, Hollywood or the media, that we can shine and serve and be the light from any place, at any time. She reminds us to reconnect with the spiritual side of life, and disconnect from the material life that often holds us back from shinning our light. If you’ve been feeling a nudge in your soul that says this world has become too much about things, then, this is a great book to reconnect with a deeper you.

I also read:

Rebecca Campbell’s Rise Sister Rise : Although I gave this book 4 stars on Goodreads--because it was a good book--I didn’t connect with it as much as I did with the two listed above.

Gary Zukav’s The Seat of the Soul : This is the book that Oprah says changed her life. Once I heard this, I had to pick it up. This book was good, but not life-changing for me. But again, if you’re looking to learn about the soul and how it’s an essential part of living on earth, then this is another good one.

Currently reading:


Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth Awakening to Your Life's Purpose 

Marie Condo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up             


Dina Gabaldon's Outlander Book 1                                             

I hope you guys pick these up and if you do, let me know, I would love to know your thoughts on them. In case you didn’t know, I’m now on YouTube and I post weekly videos on my writing journey, plus, I share motivational tips to help you reach your goals.

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Also, my nonfiction book #Believe Dammit: 10 Principles for Attracting and Creating the Life You Crave is now available for purchase on Amazon!

Till Next time, stay safe


My Writing Must-Haves This Fall

October 13, 2017

If you follow me on my social sites, you probably know by now that Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. However, for some reason this year, I’m just starting to realize that I’m not alone here, there are so many girls that love this season—I’m still not sure why, but anywho, regardless of the amount of people who love fall and are sharing their favorites of the season, I am going to do the same. Without further ado, here are my must haves for the fall season as I write.

Coffee Anyone?

I am a total coffee person. But, I’m also a very picky coffee person. I prefer coffee at home any day over coffee- shop coffees, with the exception of Starbucks, of course. That said, nothing beats a good cup of coffee at home with your favorite mug. 

Snuggle time!

I don’t know about you, but I’m always cold! Even in the summer, no lie. So it comes as no surprise that come fall and winter I’m extremely cold all the time. For that reason, I always have cozy blankets at my fingertips. Though I bought a couple Christmas blankets last year, and I have others that I use year-round, I wanted to get a new for fall. And this was the lucky winner.

Cozy from head to toe!

On the same theme here, my feet are always cold, so I’m always s wearing socks. Here they are—the most comfortable, coziest socks I now own.

Inspiration is a must

Because I’m always most inspired to write during this season, I spend a lot of time at my desk. I like to be surrounded by positive things, for me, some of those things include motivational words and quotes. And this year, the winner is my mantra wrapped in a fall leaf. I can’t believe I found this! How adorable is this? #Believe. Plus, the season would not be the same if I didn't include my traditional pumpkin spice candle.

Taking care of yourself is often just a matter of paying attention to the little things that make you happy--in whatever season you're in (metaphorically speaking). Just like the seasons change, so do our moods, needs and desires. For example, if you're going through a stage in your life when you wish to be alone, instead of forcing yourself to be as you were, when you were in a season of feeling comforted by being around others, honor your inner calling and be alone. This season in your life is temporary. Most important thing to remember is to listen to the calling of your soul, no matter how small the calling may appear. For instance, if I didn't adhere to the calling that comes with fall, and for me this means: all things orange & green, pumpkin spice scents, Halloween music and TV shows I may not be as inspired in life as I would otherwise be. Because I listen and follow my bliss, I'm happier and I get inspired to write (to fulfill my soul's calling).

So, don't neglect the calling of your soul as it moves you from season to season. Do you have things you must have during fall? If so, leave me a comment with what they are.

For more on this topic, check out this week's video as I take you shopping for the this things mentioned above.

I hope you found these tips helpful and if you like the content, leave me a comment and lets continue connecting!

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In case you didn't know, my new non-fiction book #Believe Dammit was released last Tuesday 09/26/2017, in it, I dedicate chapters to meditation and forgiveness--as both are crucial steps in your overall success. Check it out here!

Till Next Time, Stay Safe! 



Guest Post: Kim Chance, The Six Things We've Learned This Year About Publishing

October 10, 2017

Today I have a pretty fun collab with the talented Kim Chance, each of us wrote about the three things we learned this year about publishing: me, on self-publishing and Kim on being traditionally published. Below are Kim's top 3, and to read my top three visit Kim's blog here!

Hi guys! For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Kim Chance and I’m the author of the upcoming YA contemporary fantasy novel, KEEPER. Thanks so much to Mari for collaborating with me on this! I hope you enjoy!

Even when you are traditionally published, you still need to market yourself.

One of the common misconceptions about traditional publishers is that once a publishing contract is signed, an author no longer has to worry about things like marketing and publicity—that the publishing house will do all the work. Well, one of the things that I have definitely learned this year, is how false that assumption is. Traditional publishers do a lot for their authors, and they do create publicity and marketing plans for their books. However, a writer who signs with a traditional publisher can’t just sit back and expect to do nothing. Publishers want books and authors to do well, but with so many clients, there’s only so much attention that they can give to a single book—especially if it’s a debut novel from a largely unknown author. That’s why it’s so important for traditionally published authors to expect to do a moderate amount of the promotional stuff all on their own.

I’m very lucky to be working with such a great publishing house. Flux has been absolutely incredible to me, and they are giving KEEPER and I so much support. However, because I’m a debut author and the imprint is small, I can’t expect them to put all their eggs in one basket so to speak. I still have to do my part in spreading the word. That’s why I’ve put together a street team, developed a pre-order campaign (details on that coming soon!), and worked to create some exclusive content and swag for promotional purposes. Doing some of my own promo is costing me a good bit of time and money, but if I want KEEPER to do well, this is what needs to happen. I’ve talked to a lot of other authors who are signed with traditional publishers, and they all say the same thing: put aside money and resources for marketing and publicity. Even with support from the publisher, a debut author will still need to take his/her own steps in marketing and promoting his/her book.

It’s important to find your people

There have been a lot of challenges that have popped up this year—things that I didn’t anticipate or expect. Publishing is quite unpredictable, and at any given moment, things can go off kilter. That’s why it is so important to have people who support and encourage you. More than that even, it’s important to find other writers to connect with. Writers are the ones, after all, who will truly understand how you’re feeling and what you’re going through. I’ve been lucky enough to connect with a group of other 2018 debut authors (The Electric 18s) and having them to bounce ideas off of, ask questions, and get advice from has been a complete game-changer for me. I often feel like a very small fish in a very large pond, but the 18s do a lot to ameliorate any stress and anxiety I feel over publishing issues. Ever writer needs a support system of other writers. It’s so much easier to navigate unknown waters when there are others in the exact same boat as you.

I’ve also been lucky to find one hell of a critique partner and friend. I don’t remember how we first connected (though Megan will tell you she stalked me a bit! LOL!), but my CP Megan is honestly the reason I haven’t completely succumbed to the stress and worry that comes along with publishing a novel. She is always there to listen when I need to vent, offer suggestions when I’m stuck, and squee with me over the exciting stuff! She’s in my corner supporting me every step of the way and that makes the tough stuff a lot easier to deal with.

Having a support system is so important. Publishing isn’t for the faint of heart, so go out there and find your people. Trust me, you’ll need them.

You have to have thick skin

Of all the things I have learned this year about publishing, this is the one that was most surprising. We’ve all heard that writers need thick skin and to be honest, I thought that my skin was fairly thick—especially after having survived the query trenches and being on submission. However, the one thing I was woefully unprepared for were those first few negative reviews about my book. It doesn’t matter how many good reviews you get, when you get a negative one, it’s like a punch to the heart. Why? Because it’s a form of rejection that you simply can’t prepare for. Rejections from agents, editors, and publishers are never easy, but after time, that type of rejection becomes manageable. Rejections from readers, however, never become something we get used to. Readers, after all, are the very reason we wrote the book in the first place, and when they hate your book it makes you feel worse than when Luke Skywalker found out Darth Vader was his father. You have to have thick skin. You have to understand that while there will be people who love your book, there will always be people who hate it. It’s just the way things go. Negative reviews weren’t something I prepared for. It’s not that I expected not to get any, but I never stopped to think about how they’d make me feel and how I’d cope with those feelings. I was caught off guard and got my heart broken. I’m better about it now and I’m trying not to take things personally. It’s challenging though, and I’m not there yet. But when they say it, it’s true. You really do have to have thick skin to be an author.






How to Outline Your Novel Using Index Cards

October 5, 2017

As you may or may not know, there are two types of writers: plotters and pantsers, which means, some of us outline and others of us do not.

I’ve published three books and I have outlined not one of them. However, I’m currently writing a young adult fantasy novel which involves a lot of world and character building and it got me thinking, hmm, I better try this outlining thing. And God am I glad that I did.

What I discovered is that outlining is a life-saver and a lot of fun to do—at least for me it was—especially because I used index cards which was totally new for me.

So this is what I did.

  • I researched the interweb for different forms of outlining
  • Then, I settled on index cards!
  • I wanted to focus on story structure within in each act (Act I, II & III) so onto the web I went again.
  • This is when I came across the blog ran by K.M. Weiland “Helping Writers Become Authors”
  • Using K.M. Weiland guideline (which is a common outline) regarding Act I, II, III, I began mapping out my story.
  • I separated each act and focused only on the story elements that fit within that act (all while keeping in my mind what I believed my ending was going to be).
  • I used color index cards to signify important markers, like the hook, inciting event, key event and first plot point, but also when I added a flashback and the white cards for the scenes in between.

Act I:

First card:          The Hook

Second card:      The Inciting Event

Third card:         The Key Event

Fourth card:       The First Plot Point (end of Act I)

After I had my cards in place, I started filing in the scenes that went between each major event in the novel; for example, I wrote my hook, then the scenes that came after that, until I finally landed on the “inciting event.” I did this over and over again until I got to the end of the first act (which should be the first 25% of your novel—for proper pacing).

By doing this I was able to see my scenes clearly and add, rearrange or delete scenes as I continued to build my story.

I did the same thing for Act II:

First Card: The First Pinch Point

Second Card: The Midpoint

Third Card: Second Half Of the Second Act

Fourth Card: Second Pinch Point

Fifth Card: Third Plot Point


And Act III:

First Card: The Climax

Second Card: The Climatic Moment

Third Card: The Resolution

This method was so easy and so much fun that I can't believe that as a writer I hadn’t tried it before. This is an example of how rigid we can be in our own lives. I recommend that if you’re struggling with something in your life, something that seems daunting to you, that you open yourself up to the possibility that this might be exactly what you need. Sometimes change is hard, but often necessary.

For more on how I outlined my novel and how I did it check out my YouTube video here.

So that’s it you guys, I hope you enjoyed this blog and if you would like to see more content like this leave me a comment.

Until Next Time, Stay Safe!

Supplies I used:

White Ruled Index Cards

Color Ruled Index Cards



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In case you didn't know, my new non-fiction book #Believe Dammit was released last Tuesday 09/26/2017, in it, I dedicate chapters to meditation and forgiveness--as both are crucial steps in your overall success. Check it out here!

Till Next Time, Stay Safe! 


How to Feel ALIVE and BALANCED in Minutes

October 3, 2017

When something in my life is not exactly the way I pictured it would be, it throws me completely off. And when I’m derailed, everything suffers, including my health. I’m not sure about you, but when I get like this, I need to remedy it quickly. I get so uncomfortable, that it feels like I can’t be inside my body. It’s like I don’t fit. I get constant headaches, and every single bone in my body hurts. So needless to say I search for ways to get out of it quickly.

The thing I have found that works like a charm is meditation! But wait, before you stop reading, you should really give it a shot. I know you’ve heard it before, and perhaps you’ve tried it and thought "this is not for me," but I disagree. Meditation is for everyone. There’s no way it can’t be.
As I’ve mentioned before, I’m fairly new at meditating, therefore, I still need a little guidance, and for this I turn to "guided meditation." Recently I haven't just meditated, but I've listened to Chakra Clearing Mmeditation. And let me tell you! I FEEL ALIVE!!!
For those of you who don’t know anything about “chakras” here’s a brief explanation as defined by a Mind Body Green articleThe 7 Chakras for Beginners,” “The seven chakras are the centers in our bodies in which energy flows though”.  When any one of these points is blocked, it could cause major problems in our bodies and mind.
So knowing this, I immediately turned to handy-dandy YouTube and searched for a “chakra clearing” meditation and I found many, but I’ve been listening to this one Before Sleep | Spoken Guided Meditation | Chakra Alignment | Chakra Balance . And Wow does this work! After several days of using this method I began to feel better, not just mentally but physically.  During the clearing I was able to do things that I couldn’t do while I was “awake.”  I was able to send my troubles away by sending forgiveness.  
For me, this seems to be one of the things I struggle with the most: forgiving others who I feel has wronged me or someone that I love. But, in my meditated state I could see the amazing benefits of forgiveness and I wanted to reap the benefits. I wanted release from the pain and anguish. I wanted happiness again, and the weight to be lifted from my shoulders. I wanted peace. And in my experience, forgiveness is the only way to achieve this.  Forgiveness doesn’t have to be this difficult impossible thing to give, after all, forgiveness doesn’t mean that you accept what a person has done to you. Forgiveness, as I see it, means you no longer choose to carry the other person’s burden. Forgiving someone means you set it down, and move on with your happy life.
I hope my experience with meditation has sparked some curiosity in you and you try it for yourself. If you do and it helps, feel free to share your experience with me. I'd love to hear from you!
In case you didn't know, my new non-fiction book #Believe Dammit was released last Tuesday 09/26/2017, in it, I dedicate chapters to meditation and forgiveness--as both are crucial steps in your overall success. Check it out here!

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Till Next Time!


Release Day: #Believe Dammit:

September 26, 2017

How My 2012 Transformation Was Part of the Collective Consciousness

September 19, 2017

You guys, don’t just dismiss the above quote. Listen to the message it’s relaying. There is so much wisdom in these words I know that it will inevitably serve you well.

For me, these words are particularly helpful as I continue my spiritual growth, in addition to offering much clarity as I look back on my life thus far.

2012 was the year that I transformed, mind, body and soul. This year is engraved in my mind like a permanent tattoo. At the time, not only did I have this huge awakening that stemmed from my souls' cry for a more meaningful life, but I had a tremendous health transformation as well.

Shortly after I had the awakening, I became sick with stomach problems—to the point that I couldn’t eat. Furthermore, in three short weeks I lost 15 lbs. I had several tests done and it turned out to be a very minor case of gastritis, nothing that really explained the reason for my not eating. Nevertheless, my eating habits would forever be changed.

So now, a little history on the year 2012. You may remember the panic, rumors and/or excitement that surrounded the end of 2012, when some reported that the world would be coming to an end. Well, according to the new age forecasters, the world as we knew it did come to an end—just not in those terms. 2012 was known as the year of awakening; a time in life when a lot of us went from darkness to light, from negativity to positivity. During said transformation, every person that would adhere to the calling would experience side effects—a cleansing of sorts—including, but not limited to, illness.

Looking back, just as the quote at the start of this post suggested, I can see the purpose for my illness. Had I continued not paying attention to my diet, and I continued to feed my body foods that contained no health value whatsoever, I might not have had the life-longevity needed to do my souls' work. Illness, followed by radical transformation of my eating habits was necessary to do my souls' work.

Knowing this now, I have one suggestion: if you’re going through a challenging time right now, try to think about how this might be serving your higher good. Is there a way for you to turn on the lights in this dark situation? I promise that if you seek, the brightest light you have ever known will shine down on you.

Did you go through your own transformation in 2012? Did you know what lied beneath the surface? I had no idea that I was part of the collective unconscious—a much bigger part of life than just me. I’d love to hear from you if you experienced a similar change in 2012, leave a comment below.  


Also, if you’re a writer and love books check out my “For Writers” tab as I’ve added some resources and fun shopping items.

My new book #Believe Dammit:10 Principles For Attracting and Creating the Life You Crave comes out September 26, 2017 and the Kindle version is available for pre-order now!

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Till Next Time!

September: 3 Things to Try This Month

September 12, 2017

As many of you know I’m very much into audiobooks, in fact, is my favorite thing in the world. But lately, I’ve discovered something just as wonderful: podcasts.

So, as we start the new month I thought I would share with you my top 3 podcasts, as a way to inspire you to try something new, or if you already listen to podcasts, to check my favs out. 

First up is “The Influencer Podcast:”


The podcast is hosted by Julie Solomon, New York Times Best-Selling Publicist, Influencer Marketing Strategist, Entrepreneur and Influencer. Julie brings you interviews with the most interesting and experienced personas in the influencer world. Her guests provide valuable information pertaining to business and marketing to help listeners grow their audience and business. I highly recommend the podcast as it’s helped me in understanding marketing and my role as an influencer.

Next must-listen-to-podcast is “The Marie Forleo Podcast:"

Marie Forleo is a business and motivational teacher named by Oprah Winfrey as “thought leader for the next generation.” Her podcast is short and to the point, as it’s material that she's already covered on her YouTube channel. However, I like listening to podcasts when I’m driving, so this is a great way to get my business information in as I make my way through rush hour traffic.

And last, but certainly not least is Oprah Winfrey’s “SuperSoul Conversations!”

Ahhhh, you guys, I cannot say enough about this podcast. It is my favorite by far. If you know the show “SuperSoul Sunday” it’s just an extension of that show. But, if you’re not familiar with it, in a nutshell, the podcast consists of interviews with thought-leaders, best-selling authors, spiritual luminaries, as well as health and wellness experts. The interviews are thought provoking which stir the deepest of questions within your soul. I. Love. This. Podcast. Needless to say, it’s my number one recommendation thus far this year.

There you have it guys, three things I invite you to try this month.  In case you didn’t know, I started a YouTube channel and it’s all about writing and inspiration. I provide tips on how to reach your writing goals and motivating life-tips that you can apply to any area of your life—whether you’re a writer or not.

Also, if you’re a writer and love books check out my “For Writers” tab as I’ve added some resources and fun shopping items.

My new book #Believe Dammit:10 Principles For Attracting and Creating the Life You Crave comes out September 26, 2017 and the Kindle version is available for pre-order now!

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Till Next Time!

Guest Post: Sandra Leon; 5 Affirmations to Overcome Perfectionism

September 5, 2017

Happy Tuesday Friends! Today I have another special post for you; I would like to introduce you to the incredibly talented Sandra Leon AKA "Mom Boss".

Sandra is a writer and entrepreneur who just released her book, Online Business Success: 6 Fundamentals of Making Money Online Doing What You Love which I've read and loved.

This is not your typical business book, this is an informative, inspiring and resourceful book that I highly recommend. With that said, Sandra has a little advice on how to beat those perfectionistic tendencies that creep up and prevent us from reaching our goals. So without further ado, onto to Sandra's post.

“Perfectionism is just fear in fancy shoes and a mink coat, pretending to be elegant when, actually, it's just terrified.”

Elizabeth Gilbert

I always took pride in being a perfectionist. In school, I was always the one putting the most effort into my homework. At all my jobs, I always aimed to do my job perfectly, which helped me earn top positions.

Being a perfectionist is actually a good quality to have. It’s not bad in and of itself. It makes you work hard to produce high quality work that makes you shine and stand out. However, you have to be careful not to let your perfection tendency turn into a perfectionism disorder.

I realized my need to be perfect had become a problem when I became an online content creator. It was blatantly obvious my perfectionist quality had turned into perfectionism.

I was using the need to be perfect as a safeguard from judgment, failure, and criticism. An obsessive habit of finding fault in my work took over me. My YouTube videos needed to be perfect, or I wouldn’t publish anything at all. My books and blog posts needed to be flawless before I launched them.

Now, instead of working endlessly to make my work perfect, I focus on making it good enough and I execute. That has allowed me to accomplish a lot this year. I was even able to turn my passion into a full-time income.

Of course, you want to put your best work into the world. It’s not about completely getting rid of your nature to be perfect and your desire to make your work outstanding. It’s about preventing it from developing into perfectionism, which stops you from publishing your book, recording your video, launching your website, or starting your online business.

 5 Affirmations to Avoid Getting Trapped by Perfectionism

If perfectionism is stopping you from creating the life and business of your dreams, say these affirmations to yourself every morning. They will help you put perfectionism in its place: out of your life.

“I was created to create art.”

Keep this in mind as you read the rest of this post. No matter what your field of work is, it’s an art. Make-up, writing, dancing, teaching, cooking. These are all forms of art. 

Some of the most artistic creations were created in imperfect moments. Michael Angelo was a sculptor, not a painter. When they offered him the job of painting the Sistine Chapel, he rejected it. Eventually, he agreed to do it, and now it’s considered one of the greatest works of art in history.

Stop waiting for the perfect circumstance to launch your creation. The more you put yourself out there, fail, and take risks, the greater the chance that you will create the fine work of art that will take your life and business to unforeseen levels.

“Even my greatest hero started at zero.”

Those experts you look up to were once beginners. They didn’t wake up to the level they are now. They worked their way there. They went through their “lousy” phase, which is a stage everyone has to go through.

It’s okay to look at your role models for direction. The mistake comes when you mimic their actions and become discouraged when your efforts don’t produce the same results.

Do this when those crummy symptoms of perfectionism start to creep in. Look at the early works of your favorite YouTuber, blogger, Instagramer, or whoever you admire. Chances are their first pictures, videos, or articles weren’t as good as they are now.

Looking at successful people’s humble beginnings can be encouraging. It reminds us that we don’t have to be perfect when we start. Everyone starts out being lousy.

I don’t have to be great to start, but I have to start to be great.”

Steven King and JK Rowling didn’t become instant legends. We have the privilege of reading their stories because, even with rejection after rejection, they kept going. They weren’t considered great in their beginning stages. They became masters because they chose to execute no matter how imperfect their work seemed to others.

If you want to be great in your field, you have to be willing to hit the publish button before you’re ready. Get your work out into the world, even if it’s not perfect. You can use the feedback you receive to make it better.

Do the best you can, and let it go. Chances are, due to your perfectionist nature, your work will be better than other’s expectations anyway.

“I focus on progress over perfection.”

When we are making progress, we feel happy and accomplished. But when we are paralyzed by our need to be perfect, we feel like failures.


It’s not about doing mediocre work. Putting out work that is subpar will do more harm than good. You should always share the best quality work you can. The paradox is that with quantity, the quality of your art will also improve. You need both: quality and quantity. Focus on getting work done, rather than perfect.

“There is no point in trying to please everyone because I cannot please everyone.”

When perfectionism consumes you, you end up striving for the impossible. No matter how perfect you think your art is, there will always be someone who doesn't like what they see.

Art is subjective. Even your favorite author has bad reviews, and there are people who don’t like Oprah. How is that even possible? People will always have a difference of opinion, and that’s okay.

Know when good enough is good enough. Anytime you notice perfectionism is discouraging you from sharing your art, review these five affirmations. And remember, someone is waiting to hear your message, no matter how imperfect it is.

Don’t let perfectionism paralyze you. Don’t let it stop your hustle.

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Guest Post: A Conversation with Shannon Kaiser

August 29, 2017

Hi guys, I am so excited about today's post. Today, I want to introduce you to one of my favorite self-development authors, Shannon Kaiser. 

Shannon is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, writer, teacher, life coach, business and author mentor, and an international speaker. Her new book The Self-Love Experiment is out today (8/29/2017) for the world to enjoy, and she is here for a little Q&A regarding this passion project. Enjoy!


  • How does this new book, The Self-Love Experiment, differ from your other books?

The Self-Love Experiment is the most open and vulnerable I’ve ever been. It’s a memoir infused self-help book where I peel back the layers of my life and share openly about the greatest struggles I’ve had with food, accepting my body, and learning how to love myself. As I share my own story I invite readers to create their own self-love experiment which will help them transform self-doubt and turn it into self-love. We all have flaws or something we would like to fix, and this book serves as a compassionate guide for us to stop hating ourselves and instead become our own friends. 

  • “Self-care” has become almost as big a buzzword as our focus on the pursuit of “happiness”. You write, “Here’s a secret about being happy that no one talks about. You can be happy but not be in joy. It seems to me it is more important to strive for joy than to reach for happiness.” Why?

So many of us seem to want to be happy, so we are chasing the happiness illusion there. We say things like “when I lose weight, then I will be happy”, “when I meet my soul mate, then I will be more satisfied.” But these experiences are outside of us, which will always keep us in the chase. The thing about the chase is, we never get there. The chase in itself is the reward. In my own self-love experiment, instead of focusing on needing to be happy, I reframed to focus on joy. Because happy is an emotion and fleeting, but joy is an experience.

  • You talk about how you struggled and battled with your inner critic, constantly feeling unlovable and unworthy, for more than three decades by not just strongly disliking yourself, but actively self-sabotaging. What are common ways we self-sabotage our happiness and our health?

I would overdo everything: overeat, overwork, over exercise, over analyze. Obsessing and worrying were my go-to form of living. My life changed when I asked myself, “What could I do with all my time and energy if I weren’t worrying or obsessing about the things I disliked about myself?” I realized my life was happening and I was missing it. So I made a conscious choice to stop listening to my inner critic and instead focus on the things I liked about myself. Eventually, this self-kindness removed the self-sabotage from my life because I was making choices from a place of love instead of fear.

  • What are some of your favorite tools that help with the healing, self-love process?

One of the most powerful tools I used was writing letters to my future self, the version of me who had it figured out, who was healthy, secure, and in love with herself and life. Writing a letter to ourselves can help put things in perspective and help us trust ourselves more. Another great tool are the mantras. Using powerful, positive sayings or motivational mantras can help recondition our fearful thoughts to more loving ones. For instance, “The only thing I need to change is the thought that I need to change” or “When I love myself it’s easier to see imbalances in my life.”

  • How do you advise people to start this process without getting too overwhelmed or feeling defeated from the start?

I felt overwhelmed and like self-love was a pipe dream, too. It wasn’t until I did my own self-love experiment that I learned that one step at a time, one kind thought at a time, one loving action at a time can make the changes we want. In my book, I share the process in to make finding self-love less overwhelming and more attainable. The first step is self-care. We can look at our habits and start to make more intentional habits by aligning with joy. Self-care isn’t about feeling guilty for skipping a workout or trying to get your green juice every day. If we do those things under pressure, then we aren't really caring for ourselves in a compassionate way. Instead, be kind to yourself and care for yourself from a place of love.

  • What’s the biggest gift self-love has given you?

Freedom! Freedom to be who I am instead of worrying about who I should be or trying to fit into a box of what others and society says is best. Freedom from worry and self-criticism and blame, so I can focus on my dreams and goals and live a life I feel connected to. Self-love = freedom. 

There you have it guys. I hope this inspired you to run out and get a copy of this life-changing book. 

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