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Are you ready to Get Unstuck and Start Believing in Yourself?

The Get Unstuck and Start Believing in Yourself online course is designed to help you release blocks so that you can create a radical change in your life. Through each simple shift, you’ll be constantly motivated to take actionable steps —which will transform your life.

Who Is This Class For?
This class is perfect for you if:

You're stuck

You want to get unstuck and break unhealthy patterns.

You live with self-doubt

You doubt every single creative idea you have which prevents you from taking action.

You're trapped in comparison 

You're tired of comparing yourself to others and want to believe in your own abilities.

Gain the confidence to actually do what you’ve been dreaming of.


What You Get

  • Full digital course with a work-at-your-pace format (7 modules of both video and audio)
  • Download 2 meditation soundtracks created to release blocks
  • Download one workbook for planning and tracking
  • Download 30 different affirmation mantras to help with your daily mindset


What you'll learn

  • How to get unstuck and let go
  • How to develop a winning mindset that will stick
  • How to train your point of focus to obtain success
  • How to create long-lasting momentum through habits
  • How to believe in yourself

What others are saying!


April M. Woodard

"Mari inspires me to make goals, to have a plan as I continue on this journey of being my own boss."


Alison F. Haring

"You inspired me so much, Mari. You always get me pumped and inspired. Thank you so much."


Helen Hernandez

"I hit 10K words for the week last night!! my goal is 10K a week and I've already met it. Geez... what a difference!!!"


Sabra Millsap

"I just wanted to say how much inspiration you always give me and how much positivity you always bring into my life. Thank you so much, you are a ray of sunshine."


V. Timea Noemi "Timi"

"I have just binge-watched the remaining half of your videos, YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I love watching your videos, I have watched all of them."

The course will launch January 2019. 

The course will launch at a discounted rate, which will only last a few days. By placing your name on the waiting list, YOU won't miss out on this limited time offer.



Get Unstuck and Start Believing in Yourself  

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About Mari:

Mari Suggs is the International bestselling author of #Believe Dammit: 10 Principles for Attracting and Creating the Life You Crave. And, she's also an entrepreneur, writer, teacher, life coach, and author mentor. But, the title she loves most is that of wife, mother, and grandmother. Her number one goal in life is to give others the gift of joy. She believes that true joy comes from understanding who you truly are, and what you're here to do. Mari's additional bestselling titles include novels More Than Words Can Say and Falling For You 


Empower yourself by taking control of your life. 

Imagine what it would feel like:

To wake up each morning knowing what you want and how you're going to get it.

To go through the day with positive thoughts flooding your mind.

To know that your focus and hard work is creating your legacy.

To never compare yourself to others again.

It's all possible. This is not a pipe dream. The Get Unstuck and Start Believing In Yourself Course will teach you how to consciously navigate your life toward ultimate joy.  

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